Received the wrong ring (color)

  • Dear NFC RING - Team,

    I am happy to tell you that the rings got delivered today! Thanks for the extra ring!
    But you have sent one ring wrong. As you can see, the smaller ring should be black/black. But it is clear/black…
    How can we fix the problem?

    Your Ring Choice(s):
    Normal (Classic) Ring in Titanium Normal Color Metal with a Black top inlay cover and a Black bottom inlay cover in USA Ring Size 8.5

    And one more thing, you have said, we would get a voucher for the fibre carbon rings, they weren’t in the package…

    Thanks in advance!

  • Community Helper

    Hi @Simonus, this was covered in the kickstarter updates - some rings had to be substituted at the last minute due to issues with the factory. You're possibly better off with the one you received anyhow, as you can tell which side is which. It's difficult with two black Inlays. The vouchers issue was covered in part by John in his latest blog update and should be settled more definitely once stock is at a reasonable level.