Improve ring range by making data the same on both sides?

  • I only want the ring to unlock my phone but I'm going to be doing it with a bulky extended battery case and therefore need a much stronger signal. My understanding is that the ring features two tags as a security feature, preventing the tags from being read from afar due to cross-talk. I'm wondering if I can deliberately make both tags the same and thereby increase the signal strength because I don't require this security feature.

  • @seanspotatobusiness

    Doubt that. It's kinda like eating two of the same danishes at the same time with the expectation of it tasting better.

    AFAIK increasing the range of an NFC tag can only really be done one of two ways:

    1. Increasing the power of the reader
    2. Modifying the coils in the tag to make it more compatible with the reader

    You would probably need to go with a larger NFC tag (in this case, the alpha ring, if you don't have one already). Larger NFC tags usually get better range depending on the reader.