galaxy s4 (tempramental)

  • galaxy s4 (tempramental)
    ok so my ring just arrived and after intensive testing ive found that the S4 is way to will read the ring occasionaly. enough that i was able to configure the locking app...but read only occurs well with cover off...

    about 50% with cover off i get both the connect and disconnect sound of NFC almost together it happens so quick, with messages stating the NFC tag was unexpectedly removed.

    with cover on i can find two sweet spots on the phone but more up to 70% of failed read.....

    any tips or advice for this? ive read though almost every thread so ive tried almost starting to think that the unequal nfc readers in the phone are to blame

    is it just me....but is the second set of connectors for nfc antenna? i seem to recall reading something about that

  • The other terminals are for an NFC antenna. Such as in the official QI back, or the Note 2 Antenna fits.

    found this here

  • @lokki worth chasing up you think?

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    Welcome to try it mate, but we've had reports from other users that wireless charging elements can affect how well the NFC system works.

    *Edit: have just realised what you're getting at - no, it's for charging and is a completely seperate thing to the NFC tag reader AFAIK. And interferes with that (the NFC reader antenna, it's in the battery).

  • @lokki it seems that this case actually has a nfc antenna in the case to solve the qi issue using the external antenna connectors. Bring the antenna closer to the surface of the case?

  • as an imporvement im up to 70% sucess in under 5 seconds with back on....

  • in all honesty the s4 seems to have no single sweet spot and depedning on the angle of your finger at the time it can move around the back of the phone

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    Yeah, this can appear to be the case with the galaxy and note series sometimes. It's to do with the antenna, and the chip set, the antenna connectors and so on. I'd personally never go for a current-breed samsung.
    So, this case adds a Qi antenna so that you can wirelessly charge. Unfortunately it adds that antenna basically over the top of the NFC reader antenna which remains in the battery.
    So if you think it reads your ring badly now, just you wait til you add another antenna over the top of it.

  • @lokki ok maybe im reading it wrong....because the Specs show it having two seperate antennas in the case....1 for QI and one for NFC using the Samsungs build in external NFC antenna connectors

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    That's definitely not how I read it. One of the commenters says 'Qi NFC' referring to the wireless charging. The NFC antenna in a samsung is in the battery, connectors for that are there.