Samsung Galaxy S5

  • Anybody have much luck with this phone? I saw the thread posted 4 months ago, but was unable to replicate. I've balanced my ring on the S5 at exactly the same spot and can't seem to get it to read. Thinking that I need to switch to Alpha?

  • I think we need a little more detail on what you're doing.

    1. What happens when you try to read (any sounds/vibrations)?
    2. Did someone write to the NFC tag beforehand, or is the issue present right out of the box?
    3. Are you trying to use the NFC Ring Unlock or Control apps? If not, what did you try?
    4. Double check if your battery supports NFC and that NFC is enabled in Android settings.

  • @MikeInSeattle

    1. Nothing at all.
    2. I was able to write to it using a different device. Think it was an S4, but this was a while ago.
    3. NFC Control App
    4. Stock battery, NFC is enabled.

  • @teach42
    Well, reading through the other threads involving the S5 seems to give mixed results, but people generally agree it's a pain with this particular device. So here's a couple things to try just from what I observe (I don't have an S5, so take it with a grain of salt).

    Verify the NFC is okay in the S5 with a larger NFC tag if handy.
    If it reads, try reading the ring with a different app (I'd prefer NFC Tools).

    If still no go, then you may indeed need to go with an Alpha if you intend to use the S5 a lot for it.

    [TRY IF YOU WANT] Keep in mind, for best results, the inlay in the ring should be parallel to one of the sides in the NFC coil in the battery. So if you take off the back cover and can see the coil protruding from the battery label, try aligning the ring to one of those sides.

  • @MikeInSeattle Tried with a different NFC tag and it worked fine (through the case as well). Tried reading the ring with a different app, and no go.

    Didn't try with the back off, because even if it works that way... honeslty, what good does that do anyone???

  • Community Helper

    @teach42 testing without the back on gives you an indication of how well your NFC is or isn't functioning and gives you a baseline to move forward from. I believe @MikeInSeattle has a "difficult" device that has a different back from stock and works better that way.