KeyDuino, Arduino NFC (PN532+ATMEGA 32U4) by MrStein

  • First view of the boards:

    Now I have to make a proper bom before started the implantation of the components :)

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    I really do love that 'keyduino', @MrStein.
    Very nice.

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    Here is a vidya of the larger board in action :)

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    This post is deleted!

  • Keyduino will be assembling soon, first test on december :)

    3d view from sketchup:

  • Construction done, now I wait for them from china :) (the maker of the board say he had a problem for load the bootloader on the atmega 32u4, I expect it's not a big problem)

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    Awesome I'm excited to try it out!

  • I don't receive the board yet but I start some shield (for NFC ring or just NFC card)

    A NFC playing card game, with an LCD. Each card have a nfc tag.

    A mux 1 -> 4 for more antenna (that can provide a lot of projects, gaming, multi acces control,...)

    A protoboard

    A low cost relay shield (Car starter, switch control,...)

    If you have any idea of shield/project to do tell me ! :)

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    I can't wait to get my hand on the relay board too! That's awesome dude, keep up the great work :)

  • MrStein if you have any board you don't use I'd be happy to try one or two.
    I can pay for it if you want.
    Contact me please.

  • Hi,
    I only have 1 arduino nfc uno and 2 keyduino with some problem.
    I received the keyduino yesterday, with the polarised capacitor in the wrong way (I resolder them). But the chip are both locked when they tried to put the leonardo bootloader. (device signature = 0xFFFFFF)
    I'm not really good in fuse setting, maybe some of them can held me?

    french part //
    pour l'instant j'en suis encore à la phase de prototype, je pense qu'il y a du chemin avant d'arriver à un truc totalement terminé.
    J'avais envoyé un prototype à john, je peux toujours te mettre en contact avec les producteurs qu'il relance un prototype mais en faire un seul sur demande ça risque de couter cher (30-40$). c'est toi qui vois mais je pense que c'est mieux d'attendre ;)
    Bonne fêtes ;)

  • Win !

    One works, seconde one have some problem with the bootloader 0x000000for the fuse now.
    There is some little modfication to do for the harware (add interrupt pin from the pn532 -> "low" power mode) but that look like good :)

    Basic password logger:

  • Excellent !

    @MrStein Ok je vois, je vais attendre encore un peu alors :)
    Tiens nous au courant, c'est vraiment super ce que tu fais!
    Bonne année :D

  • After some long days of eagle conception, 3th version is done !
    What is new?

    -> physical USB for the keyduino nano (stronger).
    -> only one atmega 32u4 for the classic version (previously a atmega32u4 + a atmega328) that's really cheapper.
    -> re-design of the board, silkscreen of the nano one was unclear.

    And, last new, I bought an old oscilloscope for modify the nfc antenna!

    and after a lot of antenna design and according circuit calculation:

    -> better antenna and according circuit, that improve the reading distance of a badge by 1cm and of the nfc ring by 0.5cm (usefull if you use a box between the antenna ant the nfc ring) :)

    I start a conception of 6 prototypes (3 nanos and 3 classics) now the only thing I can do is waiting and search for small batch production in china :)

  • Super :)
    Des nouvelles quand au fait de rendre open source ou de le vendre?

  • Alors pour l'avancement du projet c'est toujour un peu compliqué administrativement parlant, mais maintenant que les designs hardware sont terminé on va pouvoir avancer ;)
    De toute facon le crowfunding doit être validé avant la fun d'année comme c'est mon projet de fin d'études, mais le plus tôt sera le mieux. (C'est déjà long à ce mettre en place ^^)

    Sinon là je crée des librairies pour simplifier l'utilisation et je termine le développement de certaines shields ;)

  • First picture from china:

    Normal one:

    As you can see, there are 2 buzzer pad in more for identification application :)
    Nano one:

    I really like the black PCB with white silkscreen :D
    For the nano one, the connector is maybe a little bit too big, btw it will be a male connector instead of a female one.

  • These are seriously sweet! Much prefer the black/white over the blue or red boards. They look way cooler.

  • A quick realisation of a NFC drawer unlock with a KeyDuino normal;

    A tutorial will come soon :)

  • Here is the tutorial, somebody can tell me if there is some english mistakes ? thanks :)