KeyDuino, Arduino NFC (PN532+ATMEGA 32U4) by MrStein

  • Hi, today I received my Nfc arduino board from china.
    Here are the first picture and caracteristics:

    -> Atmega 328
    -> pn532 connected by uart
    -> antenna designed for the NFC ring (but it's need some modifictions for the according circuit)
    -> FT232 (USB to UART)
    The other caracteristics are the same than the arduino uno (3v3/5 v output,... SPI, I²C, UART)

    -3cm for normal card tag
    -2cm for badge tag
    -1cm for the nfc ring....

    I thing the according circuit isn't as good as the simulation so I expect a bigger reading distance with the version 2. But with this configuration it's still better than the PN532 shield with my NFC rings (normal ring) :)

    The version 2 (WIP) will have:
    -> uhl connector for a deporting antenna
    -> Bluetooth loow energy module
    -> MSP430 proc (not sure)

    What do you thing about that? :)

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    That's awesome man, I like it. Looking forward to seeing your v2 with antenna connector! The bluebottle will be handy too.

  • OMG that is awsome!
    How did you do that?
    Creat your own board is perfect.

  • So I make the board with EAGLE and there are made in china, with MAKERSTUDIO (low cost: 10boards for 10$. and assembling the components is not expensive ;) ).

    Oh, I forgot to say but I also have a arduino nano version in progress :)

  • Wow
    Can you read your private messages MrStein please
    If you're Ok i want to talk to you in private for more informations

  • Some news!
    Today I start working with a friend on the according circuit,

    (beautiful no?)

    That improve the reading distance of the big tag (badge -> 3cm now) but the reading distance of the ring is still 1cm...

    I will work more on the antenna design, and I expect found something.

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    How well does the antenna work from the back of the board, @MrStein?

  • It would be awesome if, once these boards which are custom made for the ring are working well they were available for sale in the NFC ring store.

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    It definitely would, @jasok2. Those and the car starter, it'd make it a one stop shop so to speak.

  • @Lokki ; for the back it's the same, I lose 1,6mm (the bord size) for the reading distance ;)

    It's difficult to make an open source project (I work with a company on some contactless projects so I have restrictions for provide antenna design) BUT I currently ask to my Boss for make an open source kickstarter. I wait for the answer. I think my Boss will accept to sell them on the NFC ring shop too.. (I wait for a better protype design)

    If it's not possible, I will provide all the board files without the antenna but with a UHL connector for use a deported one and some indication for improve them :)).

  • Work in progress for the version 2. I use 1 atmega 328 connected to the pn532 by SPI for the reading and a atmega32u4 (leonardo) for the programmable chip. Nano version will be difficult in 2 sides pcb...

    I also put some headers on the i2C communication for add a Bluetooth low energy module (maybe I will add a NRF chip for an other board but I don't add the time for make and test a 2.4Ghz antenna yet.

    oh, I make a prototype of an arduino nano bluetooth (not tested yet), if you are interrested, here are the files; (click on "téléchargement régulier")

    I was wondering why the pn532 from electrohouse and my first version became hot with the time. It's because there is not level converter (5v to 3.3v for the spi/i²C/HSU communication. That rectified in the version 2.

    I also add a switch on an interrupt pin and a RGB led for select the communication mode (BLE mode, NFC mode, BOTH or nothing).

    If you have any question / idea of application say that to me !
    Ah, and "NFCDUINO" name is already take, someone have a idea? :D

  • @MrStein Why don't you share all the files on github?

  • Ah ah, that a good question, I never try that but you're right, it's time to switch :)

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    Awesome stuff, @MrStein!

  • In production, the v2 of nfcduino (now steinduino NFC) and "keyduino" in arduino nano size (I spend a lot of time on this one ^^').

    Keyduino can log you on you pc with the nfc ring. Of course you can use it for a lot of other projects :D.
    Hope they will work fine :)

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    Oh wow look at that Nano one, that looks mad exciting!

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    Yeah, I love it. Definitely want one of those!
    @MrStein even more awesome would be if you could make the usb end double sided.

  • @Lokki That a good idea but the ground is also around the connector package (on the female connector) so you will have a risk of short circuit if you reverse it...
    Thanks for the comments!

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    @MrStein check out the connector these guys did, it's double sided and doesn't short (I've got one).

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    @Lokki I asked Pierre to send me a prototype board so I will look at it and create a video in English :)