Nokia Lumia 1020

  • I finally got an NFC enabled phone. Unfortunately, it's a Windows Phone OS! I just read the update in the email on the Windows Phone app and am gutted to read what was said. I really, really hope an "unlocking" functionality will be added to the app, that's really a big reason I'm interested in the NFC ring. Why is this feature not in the WP app? I'm baffled :/

  • So will it be possible to unlock the phone with the nfc ring with windows phone 8.1?

  • NFC Ring Team

    @eupho24 that's covered in the FAQ:, TLDR; we don't have an app but whoever develops one will probably be able to make a lot of money ;): [url:61y8fq8i][/url:61y8fq8i]

    @fnanfne it's a limitation put in place by Microsoft

  • I'm really disappointed too! :(
    Without the unlock function the nfc ring is pretty useless...I bought it just for this function...I mean what the use to open a web-page??? :( Really sad! :(

  • Community Helper

    @dnl82 It's a shame that the unlock isn't possible for now, but there are still a heap of other things you can do with the ring! Use it as a vCard with your details, or to open house doors or maybe start your car, open a safe or lock box. The only limit is the limits of your imagination!

  • I heard Windows Phone 8.1 has brought improvement for NFC to remove the confirmation for trusted app. Is there any update for the Unlock capability?
    It seems Windows Phone app NFC Ring Control hasnt been updated for more than a year.