Help Requests Please Read First!

  • Community Helper

    Before making a request for help with your particular issue it would help us help you better if you were to pause for a moment and consider logically what you need and what information you'll need to provide in order for us to understand whats happening.

    • Does your ring work? With what devices does it work, and from how great a distance?
    • Are you building something with a raspberry pi or arduino? What are you using and how is it set up?
    • Have you tested the ring on something else, perhaps someone else's phone?
    • If you're building something and having trouble with the ring working, have you gone back to basics and checked that all your modules actually function correctly?
    • Could it be as simple as messy wiring, or switched wires?

    Just remember, the more information we have the easier it will be to help you!

  • Community Helper

    Additional to this, I and the others are already going out of our way to help. It makes our job easier when we do it on the forums, so that other people who have the same or similar questions can simply read the forums for answers.
    This is how forums work.

    So, unless you have a huge issue please don't abuse the system by using chat to get help. I will do what I can but others who come after you are disadvantaged by this and using the actual forum is far more desirable.
    Sending me a chat message that seems like there's a real problem which I will chase via email and then asking for coding help via email is not on.

    I could do this, but I would require you to pay me per hour for this service. The rate per hour would be exceptionally high because I simply do not want this happening. Easier for everyone if you simply start a thread and ask for help here.