Wiegand 26 bit format

  • Currently my university is using HID Proxcards utilizing a (H10301) Wiegand 26 bit format for access control. Does anyone know if it would be possible to format and encode one side of this ring to be compatible with this type of system?

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    HID Proxcard looks like it's a 125kHz card so if that's the case then it won't work with the ring which is at 13.56MHz.
    Unless it's one of the newer iclass Proxcards? I'm not expecting that though - any chance of some more info, @Plugs?

  • Our systems is set up to accept both the older 125kHz cards and the newer 13.56MHz iclass cards as well.

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    Oh ok, that's cool @Plugs. There's hope yet then.. are you able to read one of the iclass cards into your phone or something? that way you'll know what's stored on it, how large it is and thus whether it'll fit on a ring.