Bitcoin payments with an NFC Ring using OpenCXP protocol

  • The NFC ring is[i:noazjxgj] ideal[/i:noazjxgj] for bitcoin. It was just waiting for the right protocol...

    Noticed your product in the press while I was working on exactly that over past few months (openCXP) so I even made a mention of it in the draft white paper. Perfect fit. Draft is available for review below if anyone would care to comment:

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    Currently soliciting any feedback/comments from those interested in the fledgling cryptocurrency POS and ATM industry - final version should be avail early dec.

  • Any updates?

    Best regards,
    Marin Cokari?

  • NFC Ring Team

    @Callem This looks excellent, where are you at with this? Sorry about the lack of response as you can imagine things have been busy!

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