The Wrong Ring

  • Hi,

    I ordered a black/transparent ring from the website but instead have received a transparent/transparent ring.

    I have emailed support but thought I should ask here too since I read elsewhere on the forum that there was a notice about substitutions being made.

    I wasn't notified of any substitution and the website didn't mention anything about the black model being out of stock.

    Thanks for any answers.

  • Community Helper

    @NFseer some of the last rings to go out were being substituted if a size or style (or size in a certain style) was unavailable. Wait for support's answer, but I reckon that'll be it.

  • Ah thanks. That's probably it, but I'm not an early backer - in fact I only ordered last week and would have been happy to wait for the black. Hopefully support will reply back soon.

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