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    Does it work ok through your phone case? If I can't continue to use my case then I won't be able to get a ring.

    It works fine with that case, both styles of ring. It's just a medium thickness rubber cover though, that's the brand on the back I guess (not actually my phone, it belongs to a coworker)

  • I received my normal ring today and I'm happy to report it works splendidly with my N5 and the other half's N4. The ring unfortunately won't work through my Spigen armour case but the two loose inlays do, considering creating an NFC enabled business card with one of them. :)

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    The business card would be an interesting thing.
    You could possibly try making the case 'thin' where the sweet spot is... it'd have the benefit of reading and being easy to find if you made a ring sized thin spot.
    Also try the rolling read where I've marked the sweet spot and see if that helps.

  • My NFC Ring seems to work just fine with the Nexus 5, though it helps to know where the sweet spots are. Check this out:

    If you view this image at full size on your Nexus 5, you should be able to figure out how to get your ring working in no time. Also, the ring being either vertical or horizontal seems to help, angled doesn't work quite as effectively.

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    Yeah... wow. Was that just from your testing?

  • No, actually it's a feature of the NFC Ring control app, it made that heat map. When you go to apply something to your ring, like text, a web URL, or whatever, it pops up the heat map to show you about where to place the ring to get it to activate.

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    Ah, that was my first thought - I've used the ring control app briefly. Looks like a few people are really missing the mark there.

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    Yea that's kinda the main purpose of the ring control app, to help you get started using the ring :)

    Next version of teh app will allow for verification and NFC Ring unlock registration too, just waiting on some final bits from @Chris then we should be able to publish beta version :)

  • I just got my 'stand in' signature alpha ring last night (while I wait for my stealth bomber). I tried it on my Nexus 5, but the only way to get it to work is by removing my case, and even then it is quite sensitive at the sweet spot (bottom left of the phone if looking at the back). I have a Ringke Fusion case, which has a slim sheet of clear plastic on the pack to allow the back of the phone to show through. It isn't much more than a bumper case. This is apparently enough to block the signal from reaching the Alpha ring though. I'd really like it if I didn't have to remove this case.

    edit: playing with it a bit seems one side of my ring (and I can't tell the difference between the two sides visually) is picked up easier than the other side with the case on. It's still quite sensitive though with the case on. I'm going to give it a go with trying the stronger side as my unlock key.

  • Just wanted to say thanks to Thor79! I've been thinking about getting a NFC ring for my Nexus 5 and I use the exact same case (plus a bit of paper inbetween) and I was wondering how well it worked.

    It's a little disappointing to see that it doesn't work great, but I'm glad to hear that it's at least do-able. Time to scrape together some funds.

  • @Redheadkitten said:

    Just wanted to say thanks to Thor79! I've been thinking about getting a NFC ring for my Nexus 5 and I use the exact same case (plus a bit of paper inbetween) and I was wondering how well it worked.

    It's a little disappointing to see that it doesn't work great, but I'm glad to hear that it's at least do-able. Time to scrape together some funds.

    I'm actually sending mine back to them for them to test it and possibly replace it. One side of my ring has given out completely. The other side is still quite sensitive even with everything off the phone (no case, no dbrand vinyl skin).

  • Nexus 5 Sporting the Ballistic SG MAXX Unfortunately the ring will not penetrate the case. I dremmeled through the case and created a pocket for the ring to hit the sweet spot. Leaving the rubber layer in tact . I had not seen this discussion before ordering the ring but had high hopes based on my modified GalaRing being able to break through the case. I quess the smaller custom tag doesnt have the power to get through that plastic.

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    @Redheadkitten mileage varies, even with the same phone model - IMO it's mostly to do with the construction of the phone and how it's been treated over it's lifetime. You may find that it works exceptionally with your phone but you wont know until you try!

    @Thor79 sounds like you just got a bad ring unfortunately!

    @bramzee, it's actually that the phone is having trouble 'matching' with the ring, the smaller antenna makes power transfer from phone to antenna a little less efficient and that can have a pronounced effect on a phone that isn't working at it's peak efficiency.

  • My Vintage ring works perfectly (both the clear and black sides) with my Nexus 5, though the official Google red case too.

    It's true that it takes a bit of practice and obviously, how straight it is around your finger makes a difference.

    The heat map is a great idea; I love the suggestion, "please be awesome and share your sweet spot so we can improve the map" - I'm sure that helps.

    It also works fine with my Nexus 7 which is not in a case.

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    Thanks for that @Simon, it just goes to show that mileage really does vary between individual devices!

  • I also have a Nexus 5, and I've been running a QA failed SB for around a month now as a day-to-day unlock ring: it sits on my finger 24/7 and I expect it to unlock my Nexus 5.

    To begin with it was very hit and miss and for maybe 2 weeks half the time I'd give up in frustration and just use the PIN, or swipe on the tag in my slip case. With time though I've learnt:
    (a) it is very sensitive to the tag being square on my finger. If the ring has rotated even a couple of mm it makes a read impossible. Fortunately my SB has now had some wear and the underside of the metal has some bare metal where the plating has worn off, so I can tell which tag is 'down' and whether it is in the right position.
    (b) my sweet spot is small and can benefit from a slow movement of the ring through the field if I don't get an immediate read.
    (b) Rings works best at a 45' angle (i.e. tag not horizontal or vertical to horizontal axis of phone, but at 45'). Fortunately I wear the ring on my left index finger and so it is easy to hold the phone in my left hand with the ring on the exact spot and at that angle without effort.

    Now my success rate is probably around 95%, and I don't often need to reach for the emergency tag or use the PIN.

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    @shama yea, sounds good. We still need to address the issue of "proximity" IE you don't need to use your ring to unlock your phone if you are using sat-nav or if you at a trusted WiFi spot but those are V2 things. Initially just learning about interactions is a huge step forward for the project so thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

    Fingers crossed something lands in AOSP soon.....