Not working in Note 3

  • No worries @Lokki . Thanks for that suggestion. Tried it and none of my rings get recognized by the phone. Not even that -beep- sound, nothing. I've been "scratching" the bottom of my phone (meaning pressing that close to back cover) and tried to use in any possible orientation (while wearing the ring) and off-hand.

  • My life ends today and work row starts. I don't have (literally) time for a living when I'm working :/

    I open computer next time in 7 or 8 days when I have next off duty, so don't wonder if I don't reply.

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    @Jape, delayed replies are ok - if you happen to get a chance to test the rings on any other android phones at some point that would be useful, to find out if they work on other phones. I suspect you may have an issue with yours that's causing them to misbehave.

  • Thanks :) Yes, I have tested on note 2 (it's my work phone and I don't care about it) and rings work in it. I backed project only thinking about my private phone (Note 3). I've done some re-flashing etc in my Note 3 while I was "absent" in the forums and I'm still owning non-functioning rings... (those do work on Note 2, but I don't care about that phone, it's only for work).

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    The thing is there though, that the rings aren't non-functioning - it's your phone that's not working correctly.

    I'm only pointing this out because if you send back the rings you have and exchange them, the exchanged rings wont work any better on your phone (though they'll work fine on the Note 2 I'd bet). This would be a bit of a waste of time, especially if you've already got a Classic band and an Alpha band and neither are working with the Note 3.

    Note 3 has an extremely fiddly sweet spot, there are pictures of where it's located in the sweet spot thread on the forums. It's been reported that just like other Samsung devices you have to be dead-on with your ring orientation and sweet spot. If your case is thicker than a standard case, or if you have a non standard battery then your difficulties can also become worse.

    @MikeInSeattle posted a great photo of a clear backed case which shows exactly where his sweet spots lie.

  • Ugh, my job is killing me.... That's what I was afraid of... I try with assistance of that picture (thank you for that) but if it's not working, I give up on this.

  • Nope, not working in Note 3. I give up on this. Thank you for your time anyways @Lokki :)

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    Ah, damn. I'm sorry we couldn't help you out a little more mate. Perhaps your next phone will be a little more likely to play nice...

    There is always the chance that it will come good with a replacement battery or that something is "off" about your firmware and/or settings. I accidentally killed NFC for a while with my Xperia M by uninstalling an NFC related framework without changing it's settings back to normal first. That had me scratching my head for a while.

  • Oh, that's a good point @Lokki I did some fiddling while rooting and testing&installing different ROMs. I should have enough time 1st of September. I format/re-flash my phone then.

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    Ah, cool. Fingers crossed then!