Alarm accessible through Lock screen

  • This may be a bit premature since the ring and final Unlock software isn't shipping yet...
    but I've been testing some generic NTAG203 NFC tags with the NFCSecure app (which I think was used for the underpinnings of the NFC Ring Unlock app??).

    Since this has it's own lock screen in place of the Android lock screen, I'm not sure how to have a specific app notification be interactive without unlocking with NFC first.

    Specifically... the Alarm Clock Extreme is a great Android alarm app that can display a Dismiss/Snooze screen even when the phone is locked... but not with the NFCSecure app... you must first unlock the phone with NFC (or PIN) before you can hit 'snooze.'

    Any thoughts?

  • I haven't played with any of those apps, but I have been playing with being able to unlock my phone via NFC using the standard lock screen. It seems like if this were possible, it would solve your issue.

    What I don't know is how secure it is. I guess if you keep your NFC chip from being scanned, you'll be fairly secure.

    Involves some minor hacking of your phone, which has some risk associated with it.
    Involves rooting your phone.

    Seems like it has potential to cause trouble for you if it's installed incorrectly, especially if you don't know how to back up and restore your phone if something goes wrong.

    But I've been toying with my phone, so I took the plunge, and it's been, mostly, working for me.

    First requires the Xposed framework [url:2bba7los][/url:2bba7los]

    Then you need to install the NFC Unlocking mod [url:2bba7los][/url:2bba7los]

    Then there's some set-up involved.
    The upshot is that I can now set a standard passphrase and use the default lockscreen, but when the prompt comes up to enter a password, I can enter the password or scan an NFC tag. Except for the option to scan a tag, the lockscreen is unchanged.

    Hasn't been 100% bug free for me, but it's also not clear whether my issues are with this mod or are because of other things I've done when fiddling with my phone's software.