Cannot unlock phone for Calls, Calendar Reminders or Alarms

  • I've had my ring for a few days now and I've ben getting use to using it. The sweet spot on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is astronomically small but now that I have it marked I have a pretty reliable way to get it to unlock, however, this doesn't seem to work in the following cases.

    1. If I receive a phone call. I'll see the "unlock with ring" screen but it will NOT unlock with the ring. only with my pin (thank God I set that!)
    2. If an alarm goes off, ditto the behavior from 1.
    3. If a calendar event show up, ditto the behavior from 1.

    Feels to me like if something pops up, that would normally be "over" the lock screen that my ring will no longer unlock my phone. In all other cases it works as I'd expect.

    Has anyone else run into this? Did I do something stupid configuring it?
    In an ideal world, I'd like it to work like my Gesture based unlock use to work. I can answer a call, hang up a call without needing the ring, I can cancel an alarm or dismiss a calendar event without needing the ring, however, at this point I'd settle for being able to use the ring to get past that screen vs. my PIN. :-))
    Thanks in advance,

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    @Iskondi you should be able to set it to unlock on call and that should sort it out for you. Are you running the latest version of the app as well?

  • Hey Lokki, thanks for the quick reply! I've tried what you suggested and when the phone rings the app no longer comes up, however, I still have the problem on Alarms/Calendar reminders that I cannot get past the ring unlock screen to dismiss them. :-(

    Also, by doing what you suggested, all someone would need to do to bypass my ring security would be to call my phone and then they have access to the device. Granted I'm sure that setting the "unlock for a time" and setting that to be short could mitigate most of that.

    I am running the latest version of the app, checked this morning.
    I'm guessing that to get the behavior I really want I"ll need to do what I've read about in other places on the forum, use the Xposed framework and get the NFC unlock functionality which would then allow me to use the "standard" Android lock screen but the NFC ring as the mode of unlocking.

    Does that sound about right?
    Thanks again,

  • @Iskondi AFAIK there is no way to disable the lock-screen on alarm/calendar reminders. And yes for a more seamless and integrated NFC locking experience you will need to use something like the Xposed framework, rather than just use the NFC Unlock App which is kind of a hack to get unlock functionality working outside of the Android framework itself.

  • Hey everyone, I went ahead and rooted my AT&T Note 3, got the Xposed framework installed and have been absolutely LOVING being able to unlock my phone using my ring. :-D

    Seriously sweet!

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    Nice one, I'm glad that worked for you!