Nexus 7 and Unlock - Solved!

  • Happy with the NFC ring, but really wanted a way to "require" it regularly. I don't have an Android phone, but needed an Android device for my StickNFind Bluetooth trackers. So the perfect combo is Android device with NFC. A new SIM free phone was going to be stupidly expensive. The answer was the Nexus 7 2013. Bought at my local high street cataloque shop for a reasonable £169.99. Experimented with a few apps for unlocking (to have fun with the ring and to keep the ankle biters off my new tablet), and the one that did the trick was TapUnlock by MoonPi. It allows you to register two devices, so did both sides of the ring. (Mine is a bit too big so it spins). Requires a bit of practice to get the right action to unlock. Voila!

  • Great stuff! Glad you're having fun with it.
    Did you give our unlock app a try from the play store?

  • I did, but I think that there is a flaw with the Android control on the Nexus. I tried a different app using the same control and it had the same problem. The add icon with the key and the plus brings up the dialog box but the bottom half is chopped off and you have no choice but to cancel. The app that I used successfully had a different UI control ( a simple add button). Obviously, it is impossible to test on all devices but this was a useful exercise as I will try to create my own app at some point. (This will be a demo for something I do at work so won't ever end up on Google Play).