Xperia ZL

  • I just wanted to let others know that my ring (stealth bomber) works with my Sony Xperia ZL.

    For me the ring has to be right against the back of the phone.
    I do not have a cover on the phone.

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    Thanks for that. Any chance of a picture showing your sweet spot location?

  • @Lokki said:

    picture showi

    Okay, I tried checking for about 10-20 minutes and the stickers above XPERIA
    seem to be the best spots but I was able to get multiple successful reads from
    the bottom stickers and along the white strips of paper.

    The ring pretty much had to be touching the back of the phone and with
    the center of the NFC tag down.

    I'm left-handed and have the ring on my index finger.

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    Excellent, thanks for that. I've corrected the image to display properly and added it to the sweet spot list.

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