Special Edition KickStarter rings with CF INLAY.

  • Hi NFCRing team

    Just want to know how are you going to solve the limited KS rings problem?
    Here is how i see the problem:
    I pledged for a Limited KS with CF inlay. And if i am correct, I think you said any one with CF inlay pledges would get temp ring and then??
    Its been so many changes with the CF that I am now fully out of the loop of what is happening with the CF ring orders...

    Anyway, the problem is this, are you making temp rings for them with CF pledges WITH the KS Limited inlay?
    IF so, it kindof do make them not so limited any more!
    See my point? Just would like a clarification.

    Ps: I have got two test rings and i am more than happy with them, but i REALLY would have loved my Limited KS with CF.... .
    Anyway great work Team!

  • Community Helper

    Hi @Unubtanium - the deal with the CF inlay replacement was that CF rings were changed to their base colour. Black CF became black, white CF became white. If that meant that the ring would have two inlays the same then that triggered a survey to find an alternative colour for one of the inlays. So yours should end up being ti/kickstarter/black I believe.
    As far as I'm aware the kickstarter limited edition inlays and a lot of the other colour choices that were available for the kickstarter will never be available again, so rest easy on that one.

  • Tnx for clearing that up @Lokki :)

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    No problemo!