is it possible to unlock 2 different devices with one ring ?

  • I own a nexus 5 and a nexus 7. I believe the NFC unlock app writes something to the private inlay that links it to the NFC chips of that particular device. Thus from this standpoint I suppose I can't use the same ring with another device, because then the unlock app on the other device will write its own id on the inlay (in other words the ring would be useless with the 1st device). Am I right ?

  • Community Helper

    Hi @p6ril yes you may.
    I have rings and cards registered on both my phone and tablet, they work fine on either device.
    The unlock app registers your UID in the phone. The part that is written to the ring is actually just an action trigger basically, with the UID making that one allowed to trigger the unlock.
    You can also use the same ring with an arduino reader that doesn't alter the stored info, just reads the UID, or a door lock that operates off the UID.