Unlock App Quick Setup

  • Community Helper

    Ok, just to start you off - Install the Unlock app from McLear, the Control App will write other things to your ring but isn't necessary.
    If you're unable to remove your phones normal lock screen then I suggest an app like 'no lock' from the play store. This makes the unlocking a little more natural and skips an irritating step each time.
    If you're having trouble registering then you can use https://me.nfcring.com/validationCodeReset then use that code as your password.

    For basic setup:

    In the unlock app you will need to FIRST go to Device Security and Manage Keys.
    Save your unlock tag/s there, making sure to set Enable to ON for each one. Add descriptions/pictures if you wish.
    Go back to Device Security Settings.
    Go to Manage Call Behaviour.
    Set Incoming Call Behaviour to Disable on phone ring.
    Set Disconnected Call Behaviour to Re-lock the device right after the call is disconnected.
    Set Answered Phone Behaviour to Do not re-lock the device.
    Go to Application Security, go to Manage Application Password, enter a PIN. Twice.
    Go back to Device Security Settings, and in the top right corner of the screen change the button from Inactive to Active.

    Exit the app and test.

    If you have Google 2 factor authentication turned on then you can have issues if you need to do a manual sign-on and unlock without the ring or a backup tag. Be careful of this as some phones/tablets may turn off NFC as part of battery saving or airplane mode. An app specific password must be generated by you to use as sign-in if you're still able to verify with google's authentication servers, but it's recommended to set up a PIN to avoid this altogether.