Make your ring do different stuff depending on current time! (Tasker+Trigger+NFC Ring) [TUTORIAL]

  • Hello there!

    Lokki has encouraged me to post this little tutorial on how to make your phone respond differently to your ring depending on the current time. I have to say that this is a very simple idea and, in fact, by varying certain parameters in Tasker you can actually make much more complex tasks. But for the shake of simplicity / accesibility to anyone interested, we will stick with time only.

    During this tutorial, I will develop an example of my personal use, which works as follows:

    • My phone reads my ring with NFC.
    • If the current time is 22:30 or later, my home's phone number is automatically dialed, and the call made.
    • If it is any other time, the program undertands that what I want to do is listen to music, so it brings up my favourite music player, turns on Bluetooth and automatically connects to my Bluetooth headphones (which should be switched on before my ring is read).

    As I said, this is an example. Once you understand how this all works, you can change the program to fit your needs / likes. Hope it is useful!

    So, to start up, we’ll need two apps: Tasker and Trigger.

    Trigger will read the NFC Ring and then activate a task previously made on Tasker. We will also need a plugin to automatically connect to the Bluetooth headphones: Blutooth Auto Connect:

    That's the one we need (beware that there are other apps with the same name).

    Once we have downloaded and installed Bluetooth Auto Connect, the first thing to do is to create our task inside Tasker (sorry, I have to repeat the same words over and over :P). To do so, we’ll pres the “+” button, once we have moved to the “tasks” tab.

    A name has to be set. Once done, we will be in the “Edit task” window.

    We will now program our task. The very first thing we want the program to check is the time, and depending on which time it is, do something, or something else.
    We will start by declaring the first thing we want to do, and when will it be valid. Clicking on the “+”, a menu will pop up with the different categories. Select “phone”, and then “Call”.

    We should now be in the “Action Edit” window.

    Now we have to fill the phone number we want to call, and check “Autodial(?)” (we don’t want it to just write the phone number on the phone app…). Check the “If”. On the left blank write “%TIME”, without the commas. Select the symbol and choose the “bigger than”. On the right blank, we have to write the time like xx.xx, for example, in my case I want it to be 22:30, so I will write “22.30”.

    Now press the “Back” button of your phone, and we should be back to the “Task Edit” window.
    By default, the action of calling, as we have set it, will happen from 22:30 to 00:00. Just a note ; )

    That’s all for calling. We will now move on to the other option: Music.

    Create another action. This time, select “Application > Load Application”.

    From the list that will appear, we will select our preferred music player. Once done, we will be in the “Action edit” window. Leave everything as it is and check the “if”. The condition should now be set as “%TIME < 22:30”, exactly the opposite of the last action.

    This is what we should have as of now.

    Create another action, and this time select “Red > Bluetooth“(whatever that is called in English).

    On the “Action edit” window, switch the “Set” value to “On” and then the same if statement as in the last action.

    Finally, we will create the action of automatically connecting to the Bluetooth headphones. We should have the “Bluetooth Auto- Connect” app downloaded and installed. Create another action, this time select “Plugin > Bluetooth Auto Connect".

    On the “Action edit”, touch the pencil icon. Bluetooth Auto Connect will now pop up. You should now select “Connect” and the identifier of your Bluetooth device. Once done, touch the Disk icon for saving. We should now be back to the “Action Edit” window, which will should be filled like before.
    And we are done with Tasker!

    Remember to press your “Back” button, or the task won’t be saved!!

    Let’s open Trigger now. Click the “+”.

    We have to set an activator. In our case, this activator will be NFC.

    After that, we will continue to the next screen. Here is where we set the task that we made on Tasker previously, by pressing the “+” button again and selecting “Tasker > Tasker task”.

    On the next screen, we have to select the task, by pressing the Search button.

    Once we have it, we move to the next screen, which we will simply skip pressing “Done”. Now is the time to write this info to the NFC ring. The label will be written with the information from Trigger, so that every single time our phone reads our ring, this trigger will be called and it will execute Tasker’s task.

    We’re done! Test it! It should be good! : )

    As I said before, I hope this tutorial helps anyone on making their smartphone "smarter", using the NFC Ring. Using Tasker and Trigger, we can actually make our ring have "more than two faces" : P

    If questions come up, please ask, I will try to help as much as possible.

    Enjoy NFC!

  • excellent guide! One photo (justa bove "Remember to press your “Back” button, or the task won’t be saved!!") is gone -- hopefully it's not important for the guide!