NFC Ring and sharing Contact card

  • How do I use my public nfc key to share my contact info in a format where it will automatically be saved in their smart phone's contact list?

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    Do that as a VCARD, @RyanK. That should do the trick. I'm not sure if the NFC Ring Control App will do that at the moment, but there are many others that will.

  • @Lokki Thanks for the speedy reply. I will have to look into trying to find a way to create a VCARD. I'll drop a note in the Github features list while I do some research I guess.

  • I think I found out why the app provided does not have the option to create and store VCARD's into the NFC Ring: file size constraints. I used NFC by MOO Android App to create a VCARD with my info on my phone, but when it came time to transfer the VCARD to my ring my VCARD was 166 bytes but the ring could only handle 137 bytes. My VCARD didn't have that much info - just 1st and last name, org, role, phone, email, and website URL (a short one: I shaved down my VCARD to 1st and last name, org, email, and website URL and it appears to have been successfully written.

    Maybe this will help someone else out. Happy teching, everyone!

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    Ah, that's pretty much what I was doing when I was using my Nokia N9 - I haven't bothered with vCards since I started using the unlock, paranoia means I have both sides of the ring programmed in just in case.