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  • I was looking at the new Watchdogs game on the Game website and saw that some of the accessories they are offering for the game are a NFC messenger bag and wallet. It doesn't have any more details on what its programmed to do etc. But i just thought after seeing these the possibilities could be endless.

    It has got me thinking of ways i could now incorporate tags into other items of clothes though. One of the more random ideas was to insert a GPS like emergency chip that could send your location to a phone number when being attacked into a jacket or handbag that could only be activated by the ring. Random idea but could work well.

    What do people think?


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    That's an interesting one @Steve-Peake. It's a shame they don't have more of a description/explanation of those two items. If there's an NFC tag located in there somewhere it might be for your personal details perhaps?
    One thought would be, since NFC tags are a passive device, to add your details to an NFC tag and lock it permanently read only - then secrete it somewhere that it can be read but not accidentally.
    There's no better proof that something is yours than having your name digitally hidden in the item eh.