Got my ring, first thoughts

  • Mine is one of those temporary rings. I think my original order was the steath bomber version....

    But onto the ring. I find it only working about 25% of the time and the sweet spot always seems to move....comparing it against my galaxy gear nfc hook up the ring is pretty bad.....and after i put my case on my phone which is pretty thin the ring does not work one bit. Ill keep messing with it but dont expect it to improve.

    Good concept but i really dont think the tech is there yet. or the materials used are wrong. But i dont feel bad backing the idea, thats half the fun.

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    Hi, it sounds more like you need to get used to how it works, when the sweet spot seems like it's moving it's more often because you're tilting or changing the way it's oriented slightly each time. Remember, it's a new thing that you're learning and it can take a few goes before you start getting consistent results. There are a lot of posts here covering exactly how to find a difficult sweet spot and they'll definitely help you out if you're getting a read but not a consistent one.

  • I get somethings take time, But come on. If this product working is solely based on people finding a tiny invisible spot on the back of the phone. Which a lil plastic case makes disappear completely. Practice isnt going to make it any better. Its more of a crap shoot. Other nfc products i have, dont make me do this. Maybe its all about surface area, but i dont see practice making this any better. And on top of it appearently the note 3 is even worse with this ring.

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    There are a lot of threads here already that explain the how and the why - it's not magic, a crap shoot or anything else, it's simply that some phones do not work as well as other phones and that your method is going to affect how well it functions far more than you realise. You're learning to do something new. Do it slowly, work out where and how you get it to happen consistently and that means checking the entire back of your phone again with the ring oriented first one way and then the other - horizontal and vertical. Slowly! There may be a few 'sweet spots' and some may work better or worse than others. Practice does make perfect.

    If you're absolutely positively unable to make it read properly and consistently after spending some time on it then you may need to change to an Alpha ring, assuming yours is the normal classic ring.

    To finish off, this is not other NFC products. Your other NFC products are not made of metal and aren't in a ring - this changes dramatically how it functions and what the read distance is going to be like. You cannot go into this assuming it will behave like an NFC fob, forget that and start from scratch, go slowly and try everything, I can't emphasise that more.