Activation Problems

  • Dear All!

    I've been in contact with Tom who's kindly asked me to post my issue with activation on here so as to get a view of the crowd!

    I have tried to activate my ring but to no avail and am now stuck.

    1. I received the activation email sometime ago (as all KS backers did) but the latter was junked and subsequently deleted.
    2. I tried to follow the reset procedure through the link provided on the forum which does nothing,
      I entered my email address used on KS and got the email, rester my password but didn't get a verification code.
    3. I tried registering on NFC control app and got the error 202 username already taken. Tried a different email but I never received anything

    Thanks in advance for the help!


  • Community Helper

    Hi mate, that sounds like a bit of a pain.
    If you use the latest beta version of the app then you shouldn't need to go through all this hassle with the code to register.
    Follow the instructions and links here

  • NFC Ring Team

    The beta app is now in production so it probably wont make a difference.

    When you reset your password, that IS your verification code.. Use that password as your verification code.. It's pretty confusing I know... It's because we use Parse right now and Parse sucks, we hope to move away from it in the near future.

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