[WIP] NFC car starter by MrStein

  • Hi, any Update on this Project yet?

    how do you unlock the doors of your car? did i missed this here anywhere?

    i'm planning to implant an nfc tag in my hand... and really would like to unlock/start my car (Citroen) with the nfc tag too! :)


  • Hi steve !
    Maybe a NFC ring is better than make an implant ;) A lot of implant are in 125khz, so my board cannot work at this frequency (it's 13.56Mhz-> NFC)
    For the door I don't make any board but it's easy to make with the same board than the NFC starter one.

    The starter project is finished for me, I need to make the last tutorial video (in french) and after that make a instructable.


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    I've got to agree with Pierre at the moment on implants - cool idea, but too difficult to upgrade and I don't think the tech is mature enough yet.

  • Hi,

    there are 13.56MHz implants also

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    Yes, they're available. Personally I don't think the technology is advanced far enough to warrant having a permanent implant.

  • Well, I think nfc implant tag are only suitable for the animals identification..Not for the human.. But it's my opinion..

    For the price, I have the same tag but in 125khz, I paid less than 1$ for one. I think this one is really expensive.

  • @MrStein sorry for the very late reply. I would completely love a blank but being from the United states it wouldn't be very beneficial to send one. I would still love to buy one from the nfc store since they do have that in the US now. Maybe putting to together a kit for a build your own would be a good idea. With the added door unlock part that another person had mentioned. Just a thought.

    This could be easier to make instructions for assembling for that then translating a complete build from scratch.

    Would wiring into an old turn key be easier then a button start?

  • Any News on this Topic? Is There a buyable Kit or at least a pcb available?

  • Here are the files :

    Don't forget it's not a plug an play solution and you will need to make some operation for finish your NFC starter ;)

  • @MrStein I was wondering if the keyduimo can be powered off an "always powered" line iin my car and be low powered enough to not drain the battery?

  • Hey Logan,
    It's a good question, I currently make a tutorial for the doors opener and use a push button to start/stop the KeyDuino.
    For the NFC starter, I use the temporary light (that allow 30s of supply to scan the ring/tag).

    I don't know how long you can use a battery if you use like 150mA, but I think it's a bad idea to "always powered" something in your car ;)

    How, just for your information, if you have any question/ rem related to keyduino; please sen them on the keyduino forum, so me and my friend can answer to your question :)

  • @MrStein Excuse me, but where is the schema version 4? Links do not work.

  • It works, you have to click on "téléchargement gratuit (vitesse NORMALE)" then wite the captcha and click on "télécharger ce fichier".
    There are only the layout and not the schematics but I can upload both if you want.

  • @MrStein Je reçus une lettre , je vous remercie! Bien que pas entièrement compris dans le projet. Comment fonctionne l'appareil vérifie que le moteur démarre ?

  • For now, the motor start with a defined time, there are no check if it's really launch or not.
    If you want, you can connect a optocoupler on the pin n°3 of the header "EXT" and connect the optocoupler to the ODB2 pin 7 ;)

  • @MrStein said in [WIP] NFC car starter by MrStein:

    Here are the files of new optimised version, click on "téléchargement gratuit" :)

    A new 3d printed box will follow, in open source too :D

    Hi MrStein, thanks for great idea and great work,
    good job my friend,
    I am very interested in smart car and trying with the help of micro-computers and network engineering for this,
    but I do't have much experience in electronics,
    How can I buy this Board?

  • Hi Parviz, sadly I don't sell any prototype due to legal responsability, if you only need to unlock the car by NFC, you can follow this easy step by step tutorial: http://www.instructables.com/id/NFC-Car-Door-Control/