Discovery from 24hrs using the ring

  • First- I love the concept and going to keep fighting to get this to work. Using Verizon Note 3 SM-N900V Android 4.3 with standard ring.

    When it works its awesome. Pick up the phone with ring hand and start using it! This feedback is intended to assist the evolution. (not just whining)

    1. The UX for both apps are a challenge. (unlock app)Some statements do not make sense. Unlock Delay type? Why would I want this? Unlock count does not do anything when tapped. Same for unlock timeout
      and failed unlock count. Set the phone to disable when incoming calls come in. Overall better explanation of the settings would be great.
    2. Zero consistency in reading the unlock key. Have the sticker in place. The longer the time between unlocks seem to make it worse.
    3. Set the phone to not lock after call- It locks during the call
    4. Google log in fails at least 50% of the time
    5. Upon frustration pull the battery and can generally start using the phone if I monkey with pull down menu before lock kicks in. i.e. there is really no security

    Questions I have

    1. Is the lack of consistency the ring? My phone?
    2. Would the Alpha work with increased consistency?

  • Community Helper

    When you select a delay type it then un greys the applicable delay argument and let's you alter it.
    You should also be able to switch off both the re lock options for on call and on answer to no lock. You might want to sign up for the beta tester group and get the latest version of the app, it might be a little more consistent in its behaviours.
    At a guess I would say that it's a combination of not being used to the ring yet and the phone. Sometimes they can be a little picky with how they work. But do upgrade to the beta, it might set you in the right direction.
    If the read is in exactly the same area butnsporadic in whether it happens or not, try changing the orientation of your finger and ring. If it's currently vertical to unlock, try horizontal. Also try rotating or otherwise moving it through the read area, they don't always behave if you just hold them in place.

  • NFC Ring Team

    Ugh we also have an open support ticket for this, I'm going to copy/paste my response from there here:

    Hey, you say the login for both apps are a challenge but only list issues with the UX for the unlock app, what issues did you have with the control app?


    1. Agreed.
    2. Hrm, not heard of this issue before, possibly caused by debouncing. (Actually see what Lokki said, I forgot this option existed....)
    3. We fixed that a few days ago I think, please update and test.
    4. Weird, possibly due to wifi/3g not connecting quick enough?
    5. Yea this is a limitation we're facing.


    1. Probably a combination of your phone and your ring.
    2. Yea it probably would, the read radius is much larger anyway so reads are easier.

    I will close the support ticket and we can work on this here :)