• NFC Ring Team

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    Ring arrived today , which ordered a Kick . Ring is not easy. With NFC. The ring is two parts , which I call recording two things. I present to the phone, something is happening. Ie If I offer to the phone ring one side - for example I turned off \ switched on and switched vayfay \ off data transmission over 4G, and if the other side - it runs a video player . Theoretically, you can ringlet open doors , car, send sms , and do many other vkusnyashek :)

    That will run - ask yourself (you can write on the ring ) Looks good . Read confidently on lumia 920 , workmanship is excellent, at least for now :) Included are a couple of bars, suddenly want to stick :) And a couple of markers for convenience.

    Great stuff , I tell you :) conveniently . (Of course your phone must support this deal) . They now have a website about this case , well done guys .

    P.S. It seems that it is not enough for me , but it's not :) In most tyutelku , just hit it a little finger and swollen .