imtimer NFC smart Ring (another Chinese copy)

  • NFC Ring Team

    As per the Galaring I'm sharing my research notes for public consumption :) Also providing the creator with a link to provide his input.

    Link to product on ebay:

    My notes:

    • Stainless steel blank
    • Has a straight fit IE no comfort fit so it's pretty uncomfortable to wear
    • Has an inlay on each side
    • Is 11mm wide (classic NFC Ring is 7.4mm)
    • Has no customer support ( times out on connection so prolly mostly china focused product)
    • Has no apps
    • Comes in 5 sizes only
    • Has good read performance (larger sweet spot than classic NFC Ring) due to it being 3.6mm wider
    • The antenna seems way better tuned than the Galaring, I need to do more investigations though using my spectrum analyzer
    • Is not waterproof, absolutely not..
    • Comes in at a crazy cheap $20 or so
    • The stones fall off it straight away
    • It shows using 2 hand gestures to perform different actions which as you guys know is our IP, again this isn't a problem though as we're being defensive only on this patent.
    • The product claims to ship with a CD but doesn't

    Good to see companies trying to push the price of these rings down.

  • Interesting. Is that leather that you've peeled away? As well, how thick is that actual ring? That looks like it could be as much as 2mm thick?

    Also, the description claims it's titanium. I wish they would just state that it's steel instead of saying that it's made from "pure medical titanium". Unless that was some sort of translation fault (which is possible).

  • NFC Ring Team

    It's 2.2mm.

    The NFC Ring is 1.6mm at it's thinnest point and 2mm at it's fattest (because we have a comfort fit which is an additional 0.2mm or so).

    So yeah it feels chunky on your fingers.

  • NFC Ring Team

    Just another minor update on this. Their antenna is tuned to metal - 14Mhz with a ~.5Mhz drop from absorber/ferrite.