Any updates on shipping?

  • Morning all,
    Sorry for asking but no one else seems to have done so. I ordered the 3 ring pack that included the stealth the standard and the alpha ring. With the complexity of multiple ring orders I understand you leaving till the end but I'm wondering have you started shipping them yet? I'm trying to beta test the apps and found 4 or 5 bugs but I could do so much more with an actual tag.

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    Hi @LittleJohn , I'm not sure whether the 'Collection' has started shippng yet or not. I'm waiting on one myself, and expect to be pretty much last out the door due to CF changes, request for Transparent inlays and all else. I would imagine that getting a collection ready is going to be frustrating for the dispatch team, especially if 2 are ready and 1 is a QA fail for instance. There may be mention of this in the update to come.
    Are you reporting your bugs etc in the app? The ring wont change much except where it's readable on the phone.

  • @Lokki Why don't you post information from thes "queue" you've been talking about? Better yet, email me privately about the history of my own Kickstarter order. I'd like to know how many times it's been kicked back because or problems and where it is now in the queue. That would help me a lot more than a bunch of generalities.

  • What would have been awesome (but pointless now this far into the process) would have been an old style count-down counter. As orders were shipped the number would have gone down and everyone could see how many orders were still outstanding. Ah well, 20:20 hindsight is always great.

  • @Lokki yeah I meant collections just couldn't remember the name. I'm reporting to the Google group for the beta tests as there are 3 different places, but I have done some through the github. I just don't have any nfc tag that the app can register as a tag

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    @mkabala, we can only post information that we have access to, @Lafunamor and I are volunteer help. I've passed on the link to your other post so hopefully we'll hear back on that one soon.
    @shama, as you say 20/20 hindsight and the team has already limited what can be preordered so that they wont be hit as hard by those when preorders start being fulfilled. It'll limit the madness and make things a lot easier to deal with.
    @LittleJohn, using the google group and signing up on the beta tester links will give you access to the latest test builds. It's well worthwhile as long as you're happy to report any bugs. My backup key at the moment is a mifare classic swipe card, I didn't have any issues using that as a key with the app. They're also insanely cheap on ebay, it'd be a good way to start trying things out (bearing in mind that there's basically no sweet spot or need for one with a large NFC card).

  • @Lokki thanks I'll dig a spare one out

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    From the KS comment section for those who aren't following there:

    John McLear wrote
    We're trying to get the update out today but I have a lot of family responsibilities over this weekend so I can't promise anything(I may need to record a new video etc). It's a bank holiday in the UK and I was in the US traveling back (I had meetings in London etc), hence why I didn't login.
    I also have some family issues (family member in hospital) so @Benito please back off me. Your questions are welcome but your accusations are not.
    RE Updates, yea this has been a black mark on our record... The update was delegated to our team to write and is still being drafted/modified as deliveries are in a state of flux. I'm annoyed too that it wasn't published as I provided the bulk of the content prior to me leaving for the US (although this is mostly out-dated now!). I have had strong words with the team and hopefully it will get out today. The team's excuse is pretty good though and hard for me to argue against.. They have been flat out shipping rings to backers. I can't blame them for putting that as the priority but I have
    @Koldar it says that when things come in, they go straight out. Our delays aren't due to distribution, they are due to production. I could fix something that isn't broken but who/how does that help?
    Rough TLDR update; 2300 more rings landed yesterday(Saturday) and collections/multiple orders have started to be fulfilled(Started on Friday) :) Hopefully the full update will be more enlightening..
    Again apologies for the delays and huge apologies for the lack of formal updates, it's not good enough and we know it. Again, this is a black mark for us, my USA trip was poorly timed but completely necessary for the business moving forward.

  • I have had so many promises and even variations of "snappy" responses to my simple inquiry why my original Kickstarter order is not delivered. It certainly took the excitement out of the sail... Not sure McLear's personal life is a valuable excuse in a professional world; At this point, looking at how busy the business has gotten - newer orders delivered, needing to travel to China and the US - I highly recommend a professional manager to come aboard to communicate ONE clear message. I love family business and support neighborhood stores, but I always prefere to be involved with people that have an agenda and with an action plan that backs their words... I dont mind a delay when supporting a great idea; I mind the "personality" that leaks through when being "put in place..." - After all I considder myself an original supporter and kick-starter. Calm down, be nice, please!

  • Hopefully mine is in this batch of 2300. I know I had an alpha carbon/transparent which seems to be the unholy combo of bad ring choices but so far, no emails.

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    lol! A shame, if things had worked out differently that is a truly fine choice of inlays. You're right, I'd say yours will be one of the final ones due to the transparent inlay mate. Just hold tight!

  • A batch of 2300, but still no idea how many more are still to be produced ...

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    Relax man, there's an update from John shortly via kickstarter. We'll find out what's what then.

  • I loved the update. Numbers are always useful!

    Hence my next question. Someone asked if NFC could give them an estimated arrival date and he said they could give a "rough estimate". Is there anyway I could get a rough estimate for my alpha trans/black?

  • Can we please get an update to plain/original rings being shipped to the U.S.? From what I can tell, these have not had any issues, not had 80% defect rates, not being replaced with anything but also not being mentioned in any updates.

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    @leftyfb said:

    Can we please get an update to plain/original rings being shipped to the U.S.? From what I can tell, these have not had any issues, not had 80% defect rates, not being replaced with anything but also not being mentioned in any updates.

    These are included in the provided numbers, the 80% failure rate was at the factory for Stealth Bombers.
    Other rings have a 20% failure rate at the factory.
    Both these figures are before taking into account secondary QA at NFC Ring distribution centers and don't have a huge bearing on what is being shipped after being received by the distribution centers, the failure rate at the factory really only shows you why it's slow to produce those specific rings.