NFC Reader for Password

  • Hi All,

    I posted on the Kickstarter page, but John suggested I post here for discussion.

    I'm hoping to purchase a USB NFC reader pad for my PC, and store a long randomish key on my ring which I will use as a password for certain applications/accounts/etc - far too long and complex to remember, but ideal if I can store it on the ring and access it when required.

    Does anyone know of a) a good NFC reader for USB and b) if any software exists like an 'NFC password manager' for a desktop machine. All I can find is Android apps.

    Would appreciate your thoughts.



  • Hey there.
    This was bought up in the NFC kickstarter page, so I can't take credit on this.
    There are quite a few products that connect to the usb of a comp, but from what I'm understanding of your question is your looking for the whole hardware and software solution.
    Asus [url:19n4fvo2][/url:19n4fvo2] make this that may be what your looking for.
    I will keep hunting to let you know.

  • I came here to say this!

    But my addition would be to have a context-dependant password i.e. it takes the NFC hash, then takes the first 3 letters of the web domain (or similar) you're accessing and spits out a new hash.

    This would reduce password redundancy if your password was compromised on one site.