Verification Code

  • Just received my NFC ring here in Canada, yay! Issue is, however, that I am unable to use it passed the "Needs verification" stage in the app. There is also no option anywhere in the app to register the ring itself. If someone could point me in the direction of the app that allows me to register/ get my verification code, I would be thrilled to get started using my ring!


  • Community Helper

    Hi mate, check through your emails because you will have received the code in there early on.

  • I've been in communication, but it seems as though your team isn't quite understanding my issue. I have downlaoded the app, but the only option it gives is enter email and verification, however the verification password isn't working. I clicked the link John sent me, reset, and yet still, no luck. Please help. The ring is unusable currently.

    Thank you.

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    Are you using the email you used on kickstarter with the verification code?