How to unlock my phone? (Nexus 5)

  • I have a Nexus 5 and I found its' sweet spot but I can't get it to unlock my phone. Any other Nexus 5 users got theirs to work?

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    You have to first register the ring with the unlock app to set it up for phone unlocking, then carefully set the options that you'll be using and activate the unlocking feature.

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    and activate the unlocking feature.

    Hey Lokki - has there been a definitive guide on how to use/configure the app posted anywhere? I don't have my ring yet, or a tag to play around with, but have looked at the app and see a hundred options some of which aren't immediately obvious what they do.
    Having seen some of the posts in this forum from people who've 'chosen poorly' when it comes to setting up the app, and your choice of words above, I get the impression there are some gotchas to be had. What are they? Is there a guide that spells this out in a nice easy to digest way? Is there something that just says what every option does?

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    Hi shama, I managed to destroy my android phone the other day during a reflow bump accident (dammit), so I haven't been able to check and can only use my crap memory to help out with that one.
    I did manage to lock myself out of the phone while it was working though, this was mostly due to playing with the use without lock screen switch (which says to be careful if you do use it). I don't use 2 factor authentication though, so I was lucky in that respect.
    I was entertaining ideas of doing up a guide after getting the HTC One X to stay backlit a little more often but that's kinda fallen by the wayside for the moment, I'll have to pick up another android phone and have another stab at it.
    Unless you'd like to have a stab at making a guide? It's up for grabs at the moment by anyone who feels inclined!

    My first thought though would be to turn off two factor auth from google while you're playing with the settings so that you can still go to the sign in via google option if something goes pear shaped.
    Second thought is to register more than one inlay with the control app, and or a swipe card/key fob.
    Stick to the KISS principle and don't enable anything that isn't immediately obvious and isn't already set.

    I think that'd about cover the initial setup of the thing. Just remember that once you enable it you'll need your registered inlays in order to get back into the settings.
    Oh, and it will wipe whatever records you have on that inlay and if you rewrite to the inlay it won't unlock anymore. :-)

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