Yale Doorman

  • Does anybody know if the Yale Doorman works with the NFC Ring?

  • What information I have found of it can be found on the Yale Doormant [url=http://www.yaledoorman.no/no/yale/Yaledoorman/Produkter/?groupId=2489&productId=65467:2tmky4zq]homepage (Norwegian)[/url:2tmky4zq], and their [url=http://www.yalelock.com/en/yale/com/Partner-Area/Yale-Emea-Partner/?groupId=667&productId=65227:2tmky4zq]international page[/url:2tmky4zq].

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    Looks like an interesting one. It'd be good if someone out there has one, and can test.

    From the info I can find on the australian variant of these it almost looks like they're using/licensing/borrowing samsung internals or possibly even just rebranding in some cases.
    As with the Samsung units they state that the Yale YDM3109 Digital Door Lock is ISO 14443 A compliant, but as with Samsung someone will need to test first!

  • Yale doorman use Mifare Classic 4 byte UID and propretary coding maybe iRevo floating ID?.
    If you compare two different nfc keys the only difference is

    Sector 0 UID+BCC
    Sector 1 16 bytes stuct different with each key (not MAD1 or MAD2 compliant 8bit crc does not match.)
    7 different KeyA

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