Lumia 920

  • Hi there!

    I just received my NFC Ring (hurray! :D ), but I can't get it to work with my Lumia 920.
    I've tested it with a Lumia 800, a Lumia 925 and an HTC One, and it works flawlessly, but with my 920, nothing...

    Do I need to change my ring for an alpha size?
    Could it be because of the casing of the phone? He is pretty big, so I wouldn't be so surprised.

    Thanks !

  • Community Helper

    Hey there, good to hear you're up and running!
    That's an odd one with the 920, does it work with other tags and if yes how sensitive is it?

  • I managed to get two different Nokia 920s to sense my ring by orienting the ring just above the camera and parallel to the long axis of the phone.

    Now if only Windows Phone would let me unlock using the ring!

  • I tried using the ring with my nokia lumia 920
    I have been getting this error for a few days now, it says "Alert Windows Phone is unable to use out Community Sweet Spot location servers., we hope to get this fixed as soon as possible, usually on nokia windows phone the nfc sweet spot is just below the camera"

    I was able to find the sweet spot but I cannot do anything with the ring.