Pictures of the rings

  • Hello,

    Will we have pictures of different combinations of rings (metal / color) before making our choice?

    Thank you in advance


    Pourra t'on avoir des photos des différentes combinaisons des bagues (métaux/couleurs) avant de faire notre choix ?

    Merci par avance

    £35,000 - Choice of Steel or Titanium Ring for all models

    £80,000 - Create option of stealth bomber black ring (all black)

    £100,000 - 5 color inlay options (white, black, black carbon fiber, silver, wood).

    £125,000 - Nickel free Titanium Ring Option

    £150,000 - Different color options for the ring metal (IE Black/Blue)

    £200,000 - Ten color inlay options, chose from 10 different color sets.

    [u:2atxvx66]When do i send my details, ring size and covers etc? [/u:2atxvx66]
    All of these details will be collected towards the end/after our Kickstarter project ends.
    we will ask you to choose which material when the campaign finishes

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    I hope you managed to find the picture gallery in time to make your choice, for posterity and anyone who uses the search function here I'll add some links for picture gallery etc.


    Production pictures: