Contactless smartcard readers compatibility

  • Hi,
    Did you guys try to use your NFC Ring with contactless smartcard readers ?
    The readers I have don't recognise mine.
    I tried :

    • Omnikey 5321;
    • Gemalto Prox Du;
    • Xiring DCR001 (SCM SCR331-DI Usb)

    Thanks for your reply.

  • Community Helper

    Some of 'em have a rather large antenna loop because they're more usually in use with credit card sized nfc tags, or key fobs.
    The larger antenna actually makes it more difficult to use them with the NFC ring because the match between the antennas is very bad.
    I haven't tried any of those and can only offer the same advice as with other phones etc, try changing the orientation of the ring, try a rolling read. Make sure that it will read loose ntag203 and if it does then you should be ok, just be methodical about testing.