ITEAD PN532 NFC module

  • NFC Ring Team

    This module:

    Doesn't work with an NFC Ring, prolly avoid it. The best module is still the elechouse pn532.

    I even tried an external antenna on the itead board and the antenna matching to small tags is no where near satisfactory and rings just don't respond at all, even the Midas Smartrag in air struggles which is just insane..

    For future ref anyone wanting to know android pin outs for SPI it's...

    5V > 5V
    GND > GND
    10 > NSS
    11 > MO
    12 > MI
    13 > SCK

    Disappointed, I had high hopes it would be a good board as it's one of the few with an external antenna..

  • Community Helper

    That'd explain what happened to itzdarkoutthere's bunch of itead reader units.
    Mine is still coming... lol. Kinda wish I could change that order for an elechouse unit now.