So I want to start a car- Explain to me like i'm five

  • ok so work in process ......
    currently working off @lokki design he gave me at the following link Here
    following is the shopping list so far

    breadboard type stuff to put board on
    1 x arduino Nano
    1 x elechouse PN532 v3 Reader (cant substitute from all ive read...not worth the trouble)
    2 x flyback diodes
    2 x resistor (???)
    2 x bipolar transistors (???)
    2 x capacitor (???)

    computer IDE power leads will be sufficient for connecting external devices such as cabled to colum and cables to reader. probably main power in as well...clean and secure connection

    @lokki would you like this thrown in a new thread to keep it clean and so others can follow if they desire to learn later?

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