@mrbrown said:

the constant updates with bad news basically put me off the whole thing to be honest. which is why I believe I probably missed any email regarding what to do about my changing my ring order again. Glad everyone grouped together to decide for me!

So help me to understand why I ended up with two rings being black/transparent and the other having both sides transparent?

I am NOT ungrateful, I am somewhat happy something has finally arrived, problem is its not what I agreed too, nor did I agree for anyone else to decide for me. So is it possible to get some control on what I want?

I don't mind about the colours not being available due to QA, but can I at least choose from what is available?

If another form was sent out asking this, I apologise for missing that, but I would of rather not received anything... to then have me then contact you complaining to then find I missed another change request because then I could of had the opportunity to change it again.

Yes, basically, when you got put off by the updates you missed a number of emails detailing what was happening with substitutions (because of the high QA fail rates).

You would specifically also have missed a **personal **email asking you directly how you wanted to deal with any rings in your order that were causing the delay. I can only assume if you didn't take that opportunity to engage in dialogue with support then they would just have given you what was readily available. So yes, you could have had control. You could have made the decision yourself rather than have others decide for you. And yes, you could have chosen from what was available. Maybe now you're engaging finally you can go through a returns process, but that isn't for me to say.

Out of all the ring options given at the start of the project, the ones shown on the current NFC Store are really the only ones that made it through the development process. I've got my fingers crossed that some more options appear (like a silver inlay) but time will tell.