Questions about the palladium ring possibility?

  • I remember seeing alternate metals being discussed and palladium was one of them. Would anyone mind giving me an estimate on pricing for one of those bad boys if they became a possibility? The only place I'd ever even heard of palladium before was Iron yeah, the nerd in me wants this to happen.

    especially a fully transparent palladium @__@ drool

  • Community Helper

    It'd be cool hey, I'm interested in one of these myself.
    We might need John, Tom or Chris to pipe up on this one - I think it's still in 'idea' stage.

  • NFC Ring Team

    Yeah these are still in the ideas stage but they have been discussed, we have to work out the feasibility on it.

    I'm not 100% clued up about what the final pricing would be but from what I know about the platinum ring would be in the low four figures.

    From looking at the price of Palladium it looks to be about half that of Platinum.

    Blue Nile has Palladium rings at $500ish so probably somewhere between $500-$1000 would be my guess.

  • Platinum, on its own and in my opinion, is a difficult metal with wear and tear early-on as guys, like me, often wash hands with sometimes acidic or not-so-great-for-platinum solutions, even alcohol wipes and gels mess platinum. Palladium, being natural and in the platinum group is much more lustrous to me and retains its color well. The ring I have is titanium and feels great- very lightweight, I'd rather a silvery-white metal (Palladium) all around with a choice of small cut-out shape where the center black is to be, that makes me feel like the ring is more of a piece of jewelry and not a tech gadget, though, I am more concerned about security. just thoughts on beautiful Palladium and possible design mods having a cut out rather than a black or color strip. Thanks for the ring ! I like it.