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  • After using for three more weeks trying out different solutions, I've decided to request for a change to alpha ring instead. Even though the classic ring works well, I can't live without the front cover. Too scary to use a phone without a protective cover, especially for me with butterfingers. :)

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  • I have an S4 GT-i9505.

    With the standard case on my phone I can get the ring to work very unreliably in one spot, not enough to be useable. If I put the S4’s protective case on (an Incipio) it does not work at all anywhere.
    The loose NFC tag that came with the ring works fine even with the protective cover on. I even bent the loose NFC tag into a ring like curve and that worked fine too, again even with the protective cover on.
    I then tried holding the loose NFC tag against the ring (on a bare part) and that then didn’t work. Hmmm, the last thing I tried was wrapping the loose NFC tag around a similarly sized plain silver ring and that didn’t work either.

    I have several 25mm NFC stickers that work up to 20mm away from the back of my S4 with the protective case on.

    I have read through the forums and it sounds like I need to swap my Classic ring for an Alpha??

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    Hi @Duncan - it sounds like you've worked out for yourself why you're having issues, the metal of the ring can make it more difficult to read on a phone that isn't quite working to spec. This is why the special absorber layer is so very important to the function of the ring.
    These issues can be alleviated by requesting a change to Alpha from as the antenna in the Alpha will be more closely matched to the antenna loop in the phone.

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    The returns procedure is here:

    You guys can just refer to that as that's what we follow internally too :) Thanks!

  • I have been working with my ring for a couple of months now.
    The phone is a Google Play edition S4. Model GT-I9505G with stock Samsung Battery.

    Without any case on the back, the phone sees the ring in a very small sweetspot.
    With ANY case on the phone, it does not see the ring at all. I have worked with this for quite a while, very patiently.
    Cases I have tried:
    Samsung folio case.
    Otterbox Commuter.
    Spigen Slim Armor.

    So, I will be returning this ring. I really wish this worked, and if there is a version of the ring that works for this phone through decent cases, I would be happy to try it.


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    @Barry-Condrey, it sounds like you have a classic band. Have you considered requesting a change to an Alpha band from support?

  • Hello to all....I'm new to the nfc scene and am looking at the ring as a good into into the world with the hopes of moving into bigger and better things as I go along...
    .now I've got the i9506 and was reading this thread, should I just buy an alpha ring strait up? Or try the standard types first?

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    Hi @MarkGabb, just for the moment only classic bands are available from the online shop. This should all gear up a bit more in anticipation of Christmas, so keep an eye on it.
    In the meantime you should check out the Rings for Innovation thread.

  • Hi All,

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 device.
    Whick kind of NFC tag supported by this device?
    As I experienced the NTAG203(F) is supported, which others are?

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    Hi @ujtordai, that device should support all compliant NFC tags. The NFC Ring team do their QA testing with an S4 before rings are marked ok and sent out.