"New tag collected" on Nexus 5

  • Unfortunately, disabling the NFC chimes is waaaay trickier.

    You can put the device in silent or vibrate mode, but that's hardly a solution. Other than that, AFAIK, there are two ways to accomplish this, and both require root.

    The first way is to find and replace the sound files in the firmware of the device with silent ones. Most of the default sounds, such as the camera trigger sound, are somewhere around the /system/media/audio/ui/ folder. However, the NFC sounds are much harder to replace because they are stored within the NFC system app, so the app itself has to be modified. It can be done, but tampering with system apps is risky: it may prevent the device from booting, and will probably break Android updates.

    The second way is to use Xposed Framework and a module called NFCLockScreenOff Enabler. This module has an option to disable each of the NFC sounds. But Xposed on Marshmallow is still experimental (risky), and the module was designed to provide NFC unlocking in KitKat and earlier, so it doesn't play nice on newer Android versions with features such as Smart Lock or Doze.

  • @Nephiel said:

    Just a heads up, the Tags app is still there in Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, but to see it you have to go to Settings -> Apps, tap on the menu icon (three dots on the upper right) and select "Show system". From then on, Tags will appear on the apps list and you'll be able to disable it from there.

    Also, with NXP TagWriter, you can completely format a tag to factory defaults, which is a step beyond just erasing the content. That might help to ensure it reports nothing but its ID to unlock.

    Thanks! Disabled Tags which removed the notification and I always have my phone on vibrate so the sound isn't an issue for me.

    Edit: Also, having disabled "Tags", now when I accidentally read the tags the on-screen keyboard (if present) isn't "discarded" which is even better!

  • At least we can get rid of the "New tag" popup easily without rooting.

    I have root, so I went as far as to remove the Tags app completely (even cleaned cache and Dalvik partitions afterwards, so I'm positive it's gone) but my keyboards still hide whenever a tag is read.

  • @Nephiel Do you have any other apps that read NFC tags? If I install NFC ReTag Free then the issue with the keyboard comes back, only goes away if I uninstall/disable all apps that read NFC tags.

  • That was it! The culprit seemed to be a rather poorly written app from our city's public transit company, that is supposed to use NFC to read transit card info, but actually never works. The keyboard issue appears to be gone with this app removed.

    Thanks for the tip! I'd never have guessed it, the app wasn't active or even open as a background process.