Carbon Fiber vouchers Kickstarter update

  • I've yet to receive my ks2016 rings, due to size/qa failures - however from my vouchers in ks2013 terms I did get my alpha signature ring immediately I used the voucher code, but like you no sign in terms of vouchers used for new style rings.

    I'd expect the ks2016 backers to get their ks rings before they'd start issuing the new style rings from vouchers - however that's just my interpretation and what appears to be happening in my case since I'm in both camps - unless the older voucher usage happened to be for sizes and styles not relevant to ks2016 fulfilment.

    I'd be annoyed as a ks2016 backer if ks2013 backer vouchers were being honoured before my new funding - but I can see it both ways.

  • I have no strong emotions either way now - it has been 2 years, pretty hard to sustain an emotion that long! Just wanting an update either way, so we know if we need to keep waiting or finally give up on it, especially as I see yet another KS is being proposed without finishing the first.
    @NFC-Ring-Team Can you please give the original KS2013 backers who are waiting for their new (coupon redeemed) rings an update as to status and next steps? Many thanks!

  • Just had mine, delivered along side my ks2016 package - I'd two new one old my voucher so I'd had the alpha signature immediately the vouchers were issued..

  • Just received my two Horizon rings from my two vouchers, and there is a something a little odd!

    I previously had (still have, but one of tags has failed and since it was a free "interim" ring while the black coating was worked out, and my new Horizons were on order, I haven't bothered getting it replaced) an 8.5 V1ntage, but it's a little loose so decided to go down to a 8 for my Horizon... yet the Horizon feels bigger (it's certainly a looser fit on my finger)

    I noticed that on the V1ntage, the inside edge seems slightly rounded whereas on the Horizon it looks totally flat so not sure if that's why it feels different?

    Not much of a problem since my wife wants a Horizon as a thumb ring now she's seen it in person and the 8 fits her well, but I'm now unsure of what size to order for me :/ Do I drop to 7.5 or all the way to 7? :/

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    Hi @vaticanuk - it might be best to double check finger and ring measurement to make sure of how far they're off. A full size is a pretty big jump!

  • Ok, so just got the rings and my finger measured.

    My finger is 8 (which matches last time, just the guy who measured it last time said it's probably worth going up 1/2 a size to allow for a wide ring).

    My old 8.5 V1ntage is 8.5, but my new "8" Horizon measures about 9.25 :/

    So, i'm now unsure if I just received a 9? 9.5? in an 8 box or if the sizes are a bit funny? Guessing the former, but the fact it measures 9.25 when they're only available in half sizes is a bit odd!

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    @vaticanuk ah, well at least you know where you're at then at the moment. Have a chat with and just explain to them that your size 8 ring is larger than size 8 and you should get sorted out. These rings aren't that wide and the comfort fit makes my size 8.5 finger an easy 8.5 ring fit.

  • Decided to just bite the bullet and order a new 8 (since I'm keeping the "8" anyway). If I did just get sent the wrong sized ring, it shouldn't happen twice eh ;)

  • New 8 just arrived and it fits perfectly, so I guess the previous "8" was just mislabelled :) Problem solved :)

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    Awesome, @vaticanuk, glad to hear it!