Alpha Signature Size

  • The visual fail ring I have is 7.5 which suits my index finger, and although it's a bit difficult to take it off my middle finger, I tend to wear it on my middle finger. It is a 30mm all-black ring.

    I am looking to buy the Alpha Signature... but its smallest size is 8. Will the 0.5 make a difference?

  • My classic is a size 10.5 and it almost slips off of my middle finger (especially now that it is getting cold out) when I shake my hand around, so when I ordered an alpha the first day we could in size 10. My alpha is snug on my middle finger and is only a little tougher to take off when my hand is hot, couldn't ask for much better. I don't wear many rings but I would assume if 7.5 is difficult to get off your finger 8 may be about right.