Note 3 - not reading?

  • @Ybcthanerd My picture is to just to give a visual of sweet spots (my case is transparent). Nothing more. Hopefully you'll find a solution that suits you.

  • @Lokki ok will do cause i jus looked thru my order and i was suppose to have a blue ring not silver, i did have my finger sized by a jeweler also how do i get another code for the app as i jus changed phones

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    Ok, yeah, coloured rings simply aren't happening. They're affected by the pvd polishing issue that has been playing merry hell with QA.
    Jewellers are human so they can sometimes be a little off, or you might have got your finger measured on a day where it was larger or smaller than usual. Heat and cold can change things a lot! Use the ring you have as a reference point because you know how big it is as confirmed in your notification email, that way you can see how far off the measurement may have been and compensate for that. Get your finger re measured too, just to see what's happened, it'd be a pain to have to swap sizes again.
    Also with the unlock app, try your email and the password you use here.

  • Just incase anyone has the same idea as me:

    2 of the pins on the back of the note 3 are for NFC, using an NFC antenna from a note 2 doesnt work to extend the range xD

  • Hi everyone - as someone who found the NFC Ring randomly through a Google Search and has a Note 3 - is the NFC Ring (the Vintage version is the one I'm interested in) working okay with the phone yet? 6 months ago, the posts on the top seem to be very negative but the last post now was 2 months ago. I'd like to ask on behalf of all other curious Note 3 owners whether the 'growing pains' that the Ring had when it was coming out has abated, and if casual users are clear to step in.

    I'd just like to use it to lock/unlock my phone :)

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    Hi @RingWraith, it's a little more complicated than just that unfortunately - the ring works fine it's the difference between individual phones that's the real issue and that causes problems for people.
    Unfortunately, one Note 3 may work fine while another Note 3 does not at all.
    To minimise these issues with Samsung and other phones with poorly matched antennas the Alpha version of the ring is recommended.
    Unfortunately I am unable to say when the Alpha band will be available on the web shop. I am assuming that they will be available for Christmas though.

  • @Lokki Thank you for clarifying. So the alpha is just a wider ring - both physically and in terms of its NFC contact point(s)? I assume it will cost a bit more than, too?

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    it's physically wider and can therefore fit a larger antenna within the ring. This makes it a closer match to larger, difficult antennas. I'm not sure how it will go in terms of pricing, I'd assume it would be a little more than the Normal/Classic ring. We'll have to wait until they're up on the shop so we can see.

  • Just got my vintage ring. Beautiful one but can only be used without my case.
    With it (SlimArmor View), I have explore every inch of the back of my phone without any NFC response...

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    @Frederic that's expected behaviour pretty much.
    Your Mileage May Vary with a case.
    It basically depends on how well the manufacturer has implemented NFC in your device. If they do it poorly then you get a poor result with the ring.