Problem unlocking phone

  • Hello,

    I received my NFC ring today and had no problem registering the ring on the NFC unlock app. (Disabled native android lockscreen, created PIN for app, no 2-step verification on google, etc.) However, the app fails to detect the ring when I attempt to unlock my phone, despite being able to successfully detect the ring via the app on multiple attempts. Any suggestions?

    Edit: Device is a Samsung i9300 and I've previously found the 'sweet spot'.

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    @Jackson just to rule out a couple of things, if you go back into the unlock app does the ring allow entry to the settings page?

    If this works then:

    • it's possible that the ring isn't 'enabled' as a key, you can double check that in the unlock settings
    • make sure that you haven't over-written the 'key' on the ring.

    Let us know how you go and if this helps at all.

  • Ring is enabled, and the key has not been over-written. I should also clarify that the detection of the ring when using the app is almost 100%, but when attempting to unlock the phone, it is only successful approximately ~15-20% of the time.

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    There really should be no difference between the two use-cases.
    Try this to see what happens: from standby, screen off - hit wake, count to ten and then try the unlock.

    *your device is old and I'm wondering if there's a delay between wake and when the app activates completely.

  • I agree that the difference between the two uses is odd.

    There is no improvement after waiting ten seconds. I completed a factory reset of the device to remove any other factors but the issue persists.

    Regardless, the ring is incompatible with my current phone case. I shall leave the ring aside until I get the Note 4 at the end of the month. Thanks for the help!

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    Ah, once you get used to the new one I'd expect it to behave a lot better!

  • Hi, sometimes I do unlock and device make sound "success unlock" but not unlocking, it's strange..
    device: xperia z1, app: last version

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    check if you have other applications that use NFC running in the background (e.g. if you lock your device having the NFC ring control app open) as this will result in problems with directing the NFC input to the right app