Use with work-issued door fob

  • If I've been given a door fob from work, is there a way to copy the information on the fob to my ring, so that I can use the ring to open the door?

    I don't have access to the underlying data of the access list etc, I just have the fob.

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    first you'll need to check if the readers at your work are NFC or any other standard.
    then you'll need to find out what type of chip your key card is
    and lastly you'll need to copy the contents from your key to the ring and try if it works.

    the sad news is that usually this is not possible as most such systems are not according to the NFC specifications and are using chips with some kind of cryptography.

  • oh that's a shame - that was the major reason I bought the rings!

    ah well, not the fault of the rings, just mine for not checking :-)

    Thanks for your reply.

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    well as mentioned you'll need to try first. I just want you to have the right expectations.

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    @Jon249 you could try reading the work tag with an android phone and see what happens.