With Pride of Lion update comments

  • @gth I just replied to the email asking what specifically it is, otherwise I'll just wait.

    I think it's the sizes honestly. Damn us for getting something bigger than a 10. hah.

  • @Lokki And dang you for confirming my fears that someone had changed my entire order to normal rings instead of the alpha-normal-stealth I had originally submitted as my collection. hah. Ah well. This is one of those cases where the wrong thing is better than nothing I reckon.

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    Hi @evilrobert, what's your order as it currently stands? (Before they tweak it to get it to you?)

  • @Lokki It's this: All normal, all identical. I think when the Jan. email asking for inlay colors and ring sizes was sent, my reply of "the same inlays and size as the normal ring you've listed in this email is fine" was misunderstood as "change all my rings to the same as the normal ring".


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    Whoa, yeah. I just stumbled on your other reply that had that listed. Did you bring that up when you replied to the email when you replied earlier? I think giving them the go ahead to change things can only help you in this case as there's no way you're ever getting three stealth bombers with one black, one white inlay. It'll be the white inlay that's killed it by the way, quite apart from the stealth bomber PVD issue.

  • @Lokki Nah, because I need to know if it's a sizing issue or not. I can't go down to a 12.5, and if 13's an issue 13.5 is definitely going to be one.

    I knew we were losing the SBs, but I didn't know that they had dropped my alpha too. meh.

    I still want to know who has the information in "NFC Ring Survey £50 The Collection - Ring sizes, metal colours and inlay cover colours", because that has all of my original requests. (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1z_3TumnkxXohHdgG3VQ_T5G-fpwFEOGHPsTUgPBOwmU/closedform)

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    I was thinking more along the lines of letting them switch in an Alpha titanium and Normal titanium at the very least, cos then you'd be back to getting a collection albeit probably minus stealth bomber.
    There must have been some sort of glitch with the survey you submitted in the original instance, cos that's the one they've been working off for the rest of us who didn't have oddities happening to our orders.

  • @Lokki Yea, I got an email on Jan 14th that went out to a small subset of backers. Makes sense we got glitched with that request for information email.

    [NFC Ring]

    NFC Ring Order Information Required
    We need to confirm a few things...

    Hey Robert Waters,

    Please email support@nfcring.commailto:support@nfcring.com with details about your ring choices as we only have one ring listed for your backer account and you are entitled to up to 2 more rings, due to the amount you pledged. If you want the same sizes / options as your first ring choice for the other ring/s, please let us know.

    This email has only gone out to a very small subset of our backers.

    Thanks :)

    The NFC Ring Team

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    Ah yep, that makes sense then, especially with what happened to your ring order being duplicated like that.
    Would have been rather awesome if you'd ended up with 3 stealth bombers out of that!

  • That would have been a sheer lottery moment!

    I just took the suggestion and replied that if they can switch any out for alphas that'd be great. I'm even okay with switching to titaniums if one's an alpha. Fat fingers need fat rings.

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    lol, nice one. Yeah, Titanium at this point is the most likely thing man.

  • @Lokki said:

    I just received the same thing and was sitting here wondering how to handle it.
    Personal contact = good.
    Vague details = whut?

    I completely agree with your response to the email too, it echoes mine.

    Dear Team

    • Which rings are okay
    • Which rings are not
    • What will you be changing if we allow carte blanche and
    • Would it perhaps be a good idea to confirm changes before shipping

    I'm fine if things require changing, I've cruised along happily thus far. I understand that not everything has worked. But I would like to venture the opinion that this email does not do as much to clear things up as you may have hoped it would.

    I'm glad I wasn't the only one who got that email and thought - whut?
    Without knowing which ring(s) are causing the delay, and what the likely options are for swapping it is still a vague guessing game. As these are going to be permanent swaps to my order I'd like a say, and not just give full creative freedom away. For example, I'm cool with 0.5 size bigger, and ok with swapping a certain ring for a classic - but one of my rings I want as it is. But I don't know if that is a ring causing a delay or not. From the update I'd assumed the delay was with white inlays, but from John's comment in another post it seems that alpha's are also now going to be 8 weeks delayed.

    Anyway, I'll go into the specifics of what I do/don't want as a reply to that email, but it certainly didn't help clear things up in the way the team maybe hoped it would. It is just going to give them more communication traffic now, rather than a simple rely of what I want to replace with what.