I'm done being patient; time to complain.

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    @Zackis, ah ok - not really! Disregard the extra factories, it's reassurance that things are moving on and NFC Ring will move on from this single factory in the extremely near future, it doesn't alter that the last of the kickstarter pledges should be completed in the time frame suggested. Before you say 'but it's been said before, Lokki, and they were wrong' I'd like to point out that it's down to the last few now and there really shouldn't be any major issues crop up.
    Fingers crossed. ;-)

  • I have to say, it was nice to get the email, its good to know I haven't been forgotten.

  • Has all the e-mails to backers that haven't received rings been sent out? Or in other words, should I wait further before I contact Support about not receiving the email even though I receive all other emails from NFC Ring and KickStarter?

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    On Friday I too read that the e-mail had been sent, the previous day, to all outstanding Kickstarter pledges but I had'nt received the e-mail so I e-mail'd support and low and behold I received the said e-mail 4 hours later followed by an acknowlegement of my support request.
    I suggest you wait until Monday morning and if nothing then e-mail support.
    The e-mails may be stacking on a server somewhere this has happend to me when I had to send several thousand e-mails (legally) in one go.
    I know how it feels that you may have missed something.

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    @bunker, what @Duddy said - if you haven't received it by end of Monday then check with support. They're getting pounded though, so only check with support if you need to. (Every update or other announcement brings new questions via email.)

  • Thanks for both of your advice.

    I've had unclear shipping notice(s) earlier so I'd like to know that we are in sync with what has been sent and received by me. So unless I get an email next week I'll just doublecheck with Support.